Bananabot: CS:GO Multihack

A multihack/aimbot for the shooter game CS:GO
reverse-engineering c++ binary


A man-in-the-middle fuzzing setup for clients and servers
fuzzing binary

Q3 Engine Multihack

Multihack for the Quake3 based multiplayer game Jedi Academy
reverse-engineering c++ binary hooking

BinaryGolf 2023: Building A GameBoy-Bash Polyglot

binary ctf

Game Hacking #5: Hacking Walls and Particles

reverse-engineering c++ binary gamehacking

Game Hacking #4: Cheating in Unity Games

frida gamehacking binary

Game Hacking #3: Hooking Direct3D EndScene()

reverse-engineering c++ binary gamehacking hooking

ROP It Like It's Hot: ROP Basics - Stack Pivoting

reverse-engineering exploitation binary r2 radare2 rop

r2con 2019 PwnDebian Challenge: Exploiting radare2 (CVE-2019-14745, CVE-2019-16718)

r2 radare2 reverse-engineering exploitation binary cve research vulnerability

Game Hacking #2: Coding A CS:GO Hack

reverse-engineering c++ binary gamehacking

Game Hacking #1: Developing Hacks for idTech3 Based Games

c++ binary hooking reverse-engineering gamehacking

Game Hacking #0: Runtime Function Patching

c++ binary cracking reverse-engineering gamehacking