Bananabot: CS:GO Multihack

A multihack/aimbot for the shooter game CS:GO
reverse-engineering c++ binary


A FUD Crypter to evade AVs
malware c++

Q3 Engine Multihack

Multihack for the Quake3 based multiplayer game Jedi Academy
reverse-engineering c++ binary hooking


A randomized version of OpenJK for speedrunning purposes
c++ randomizer jka

Coding A CS:GO Hack

June 19, 2019
reverse-engineering c++ binary

Creating A Multiplayer Game Hack

August 28, 2018
c++ binary hooking reverse-engineering

Runtime Function Patching

August 16, 2018
c++ binary cracking reverse-engineering

A Quick Survey on Anti-Anti-Viruses

March 16, 2018
c++ malware