In-Process Fuzzing With Frida

October 24, 2019
frida exploiting fuzzing reverse-engineering

ROP On x64: What's ret2csu Again?

August 29, 2019
exploiting rop radare2 r2 ctf ret2csu

Exploiting PHP Deserialization: CCCamp19 CTF PDFCreator Challenge

August 24, 2019
ctf exploiting deserialization

ROP It Like It's Hot: ROP Basics - Stack Pivoting

August 13, 2019
reverse-engineering exploiting binary r2 radare2 rop

Brute-Forcing x86 Stack Canaries

August 8, 2019
exploiting ctf radare2 r2

Buffer Overflows on x64 with radare2

July 13, 2019
r2 radare2 x64 exploiting rop

Bypassing ASLR and DEP for 32-Bit Binaries With r2

May 1, 2019
exploiting r2 radare2 reverse-engineering ret2libc

Random Note #092345: Passing binary input via GDB

October 26, 2018
randomnote gdb exploiting reverse-engineering