Random Note #12354123: Easy Remote Pair Programming Using Docker and Tmux

randomnote docker vim tmux shell programming

Recently I’ve created a small docker container to perform remote pair programming. Shared shell sessions are an easy way to remotely interact with coworkers or other people. With additional docker magic you now don’t even have to give them access to your host system - they will be contained just like you and the work that’s being done. Using my docker image, it’s possible to share a tmux session with a group of people. You can check out the readme over at GitHub which should be fairly easy to understand.

After creating a shared session, you can install all dependencies you may need to program, compile and execute the developed project like you’re on a regular Ubuntu system. This makes this approach far more superior than web based third party solutions: You’re not limited in any way and can work without any hassle when compiling things. Yolo.

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