A collection of handy Dockerfiles
docker dockerfiles

Linux Containers Research

Master's Thesis on Linux Containers
docker container

Official Cutter Docker Configuration

Launch Cutter using Docker the easy way
reverse-engineering docker

Information Leak in Docker

docker vulnerability

Docker Breakout Using X11

docker pentesting hacking

Random Note #12354123: Easy Remote Pair Programming Using Docker and Tmux

randomnote docker vim tmux shell programming

Random Note #23542351: Using the GitHub API to improve Dockerfiles

randomnote docker

Monitor All the Things using Docker and Monit

docker monitoring

Easy and Secure Backups Using Borg and Docker

docker borg backup

Automated and Tested Dotfile Deployment Using Ansible and Docker

shell dotfiles ansible travis docker

Using Shellcheck and Docker to Automatically Lint Dotfiles

shell dotfiles docker travis

Building a CI Docker Pipeline Using Docker in Your Docker

docker jenkins gogs ci