Launch radare2 from pwntools
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37C3 CTF: ezrop

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Analysis of Satisfyer Toys: Discovering an Authentication Bypass with r2 and Frida

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SROP Exploitation with radare2

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Exploiting A Use-After-Free With radare2 - CTF Challenge

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ROP on ARM with radare2

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How Not To Suck At r2wars

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Dynamic Instrumentation: Frida And r2frida For Noobs

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r2con 2019 CTF Writeups

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ROP On x64: What's ret2csu Again?

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ROP It Like It's Hot: ROP Basics - Stack Pivoting

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Brute-Forcing x86 Stack Canaries

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r2con 2019 PwnDebian Challenge: Exploiting radare2 (CVE-2019-14745, CVE-2019-16718)

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Buffer Overflows on x64 with radare2

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Bypassing ASLR and DEP for 32-Bit Binaries With r2

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