ROP on ARM with radare2

November 19, 2019
r2 radare2 rop exploitation arm

In-Process Fuzzing With Frida

October 24, 2019
frida exploiting fuzzing reverse-engineering

How I Over-Engineered My Dotfiles

October 16, 2019
linux dotfiles

How Not To Suck At r2wars

October 1, 2019
radare2 r2 r2wars

Dynamic Instrumentation: Frida And r2frida For Noobs

September 13, 2019
radare2 r2 frida r2frida ctf reverse-engineering

r2con 2019 CTF Writeups

September 2, 2019
r2 radare2 ctf reverse-engineering

ROP On x64: What's ret2csu Again?

August 29, 2019
exploiting rop radare2 r2 ctf ret2csu

Reversing .NET Applications: CCCamp19 CTF CampRE Challenge

August 25, 2019
ctf dotnet reverse-engineering

Exploiting PHP Deserialization: CCCamp19 CTF PDFCreator Challenge

August 24, 2019
ctf exploiting deserialization

ROP It Like It's Hot: ROP Basics - Stack Pivoting

August 13, 2019
reverse-engineering exploiting binary r2 radare2 rop

CryptoCTF 2019 Writeup: Decode Me

August 11, 2019
ctf crypto

Brute-Forcing x86 Stack Canaries

August 8, 2019
exploiting ctf radare2 r2

r2con 2019 PwnDebian Challenge: Exploiting radare2 (CVE-2019-14745)

July 30, 2019
r2 radare2 reverse-engineering exploit binary cve

Buffer Overflows on x64 with radare2

July 13, 2019
r2 radare2 x64 exploiting rop

Coding A CS:GO Hack

June 19, 2019
reverse-engineering c++ binary

Bypassing ASLR and DEP for 32-Bit Binaries With r2

May 1, 2019
exploiting r2 radare2 reverse-engineering ret2libc

Information Leak in Docker

January 4, 2019
docker vulnerability

Random Note #092345: Passing binary input via GDB

October 26, 2018
randomnote gdb exploiting reverse-engineering

Car Hacking: A Short Overview

October 23, 2018
automotive car-hacking reverse-engineering

Creating A Multiplayer Game Hack

August 28, 2018
c++ binary hooking reverse-engineering

Runtime Function Patching

August 16, 2018
c++ binary cracking reverse-engineering

Random Note #632424: Backup Google Authenticator Data

June 20, 2018
randomnote backups

Docker Breakout Using X11

May 18, 2018
docker pentesting hacking

Methods to Upgrade nc Reverse Shells

May 16, 2018
pentesting shell

2 Common Python Security Issues

May 13, 2018
pentesting python

Cracking Music Server Software

May 13, 2018
cracking reverse-engineering

Random Note #12354123: Easy Remote Pair Programming Using Docker and Tmux

April 10, 2018
randomnote docker vim tmux shell programming

Random Note #23542351: Using the GitHub API to improve Dockerfiles

March 20, 2018
randomnote docker

A Quick Survey on Anti-Anti-Viruses

March 16, 2018
c++ malware

Monitor All the Things using Docker and Monit

March 16, 2018
docker monitoring

Exploiting Unqoted Service Paths For Fun and No Profit

March 15, 2018
exploit cve windows

Easy and Secure Backups Using Borg and Docker

March 14, 2018
docker borg

Automated and Tested Dotfile Deployment Using Ansible and Docker

March 8, 2018
shell dotfiles ansible travis docker

Using Shellcheck and Docker to Automatically Lint Dotfiles

March 8, 2018
shell dotfiles docker travis

Universal Notifications Using Telegram and cURL

March 7, 2018
shell notification jenkins travis

Building a CI Docker Pipeline Using Docker in Your Docker

January 15, 2018
docker jenkins gogs ci


October 27, 2017
android cve